University City Information and Highlights

University City is home to the University of California, San Diego.  It is well known it's local hiking, biking, and bird watching activities.  Located in the northwestern portion of San Diego, it is often referred to as UTC, which is actually a local shopping mall.  University City is divided into two parts by Rose Canyon, an Open Space preserve, home to a variety of birds and full of hiking trails .  Most of the residents of University City are students and professors from the collage.

A relatively small community, University City contains three elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.  The city contains many small local bars and restaurants as well as shopping, art galleries and a golf course.  Southern area housing is composed of a mix of single family homes, a few condominiums, and a retirement community.  The northern area is composed of a dense mix of apartments and condominium.

The southern side is the older part of University City, build in the 1960s.  It contains a commercially zoned area consisting of office parks with low-rise buildings.  University City is located close to may major beaches and amenities including Sea World of California and a professional sporting area.

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