Torrey Higlands Information and Highlights

Torrey Highlands is a recently developed community near some of the most beautiful and open areas in the San Diego vicinity.  It's final layout was formalized in 1996 to reflect a middle class, relaxed way of life that its 2,500 residents enjoy.  From newlyweds and singles to retirees, Torrey Highlands has a wonderful mix of all types of families.  An important feature of the Torrey Highlands development plan was the zoning of nearly one third of the area as open and park space.  Residential areas are efficiently and uniformly designed with an incredibly well-maintained road system.  There is no high impact business district, nor a continuing problem with certain types of land interface. 

The population of Torrey Highlands is primarly Caucasian and Asian, but all demographics are represented through the commonality of household income.  Most households make between $100,000 and $130,000 annually.  Strict planning and zoning laws prohibit expansive homes and non-conforming land use.  This neighborhood has one of the lowest crime rates in San Diego county.  It is surrounded by other residential neighborhoods and is part of the San Diego public school system.  Westview High School is consistently ranked amongst the best performing in the state.

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