Spring Valley Information and Highlights

Where is Spring Valley, California you may ask? Well Spring Valley is located about a dozen miles east of the city of San Diego off Interstate #8 and is the largest un-incorporated community in San Diego county. Spring Valley is one of those small bedroom communities that have plenty of what you need without the hassle of dealing with one of the top 10 population cities in the country.

 In the population of nearly 25,000 you'll find that over 86 percent of Spring Valley permanent residents will have a high school education or higher tucked in their back pocket. Spring Valley has pretty much everything a person or family would require to be comfortable including, but not limited to, hospitals, medical centers, Amtrak train service to out-of-state cities, colleges/universities, public and private schools and an air quality better than most areas that surround San Diego.

 If you're considering a move to the area you'll find home prices to be a whole lot more affordable that those in San Diego proper and the accompanying beach cities. It's not often you can find affordable homes priced family friendly this close to San Diego less from $150,000 to $230,000.


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