South County Information and Highlights

One of the secrets of South County that many people who live in other parts of San Diego aren't aware of is that because much of the area in the South remained locked up in large ranches long after the rest of San Diego was being built, when homes and neighborhoods were finally built, they were built to modern standards along tree-lined streets, thereby leaving both visitors and residents with a sense that the area is a lot better planned than many other parts of San Diego.

One misconception that people often have about South County is that the economics are not as strong in the region and that most residents need to travel North on a daily basis for their jobs.  The truth is that during the height of the Great Recession, when California and other parts of San Diego had a 12 percent unemployment rate, Chula Vista steamed along at 3 percent unemployment and the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border areas, were pretty close to that.

The reason for the economic strength is that international trade is one of the largest employers in San Diego- and that is only expected to grow, making the median income for the region very close to average for San Diego county.

So if you are looking for a home in the communities of Chula Vista, Bonita, National City, Otay Mesa, Imperial Beach, or San Ysidro, don't forget to keep in mind the third secret about South County.  One of the largest ranches in California continues to be carved up and so brand new neighborhoods will continue to be available for both you and your family to enjoy for many decades.

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