San Marcos Information and Highlights

San Marcos, California is a great city to consider in moving to for those that are interested in a prosperous and diverse area. San Marcos is located in the North County district of the entire San Diego County of California. The latest population statistical census has the city at over 80,000 residents. San Marcos is greatly known for its campus of California State University, which offers its students over 60 different types of bachelors degrees, and over 10 different types of master's degrees. The University has four different colleges for different subjects, which are for degrees in Business Administration, Science and Mathematics, Humanities, Arts, Social Science, Education, and Health.

San Marcos is also located just 60 miles away from a highly visited and toured city of Tijuana, Mexico. The location is perfect for anyone that wants to vacate to a new spot across the border, or to just enjoy some of the world's most beautiful beaches near their own home.

San Marcos is located in an area which is densely populated with fun activity venues for all ages. Sunset Park offers platform settings for roller hockey, sand volleyball, golf, and many other activities. The park is always well maintained and cleaned to ensure its visitors are always guaranteed a relaxing and pleasant time.


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