Sabre Springs Information and Highlights

Inland North County in San Diego features some of the the areas largest employers surrounded by planned communities that are both safe and desirable to live in.

Sabre Springs is located just to the East of Highway 15 between Carmel Mountain and Scripps Ranch.  The community is relatively modern as the land was not developed until the end of the last century.

When it was built out, it was done so under the watchful eye of the San Diego Planning Commission.  The net result are some very well designed communities that offer spacious homes and plenty of room to walk and bicycle in.

With shopping areas located to the North in Carmel Mountain Ranch, and to the East of the community in Poway, there are plenty of restaurants and big-box retailers that can provide residents with any type of good or service without necessitating a lengthy drive.  The schools for Sabre Springs are also located in Poway, which has featured several students that have gone on to either win or place highly in the national spelling bee.  The public schools are so well thought of in the region that people often move into the district to obtain a better education for their children.

The average household income in Sabre Springs is over $90,000 and the average home price is on a par with most other communities in North County.



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