Rancho Bernardo Information and Highlights

Rancho Bernardo is located in the north hills of San Diego, California; it is an upscale community.  The general area of Rancho Bernardo contains rolling hills and canyons.  The community has parks and shopping malls.  When tourists visit the community, they travel 20 miles from San Diego.  Rancho Bernardo is near Poway to the northwest.

Many years ago, Ranch Bernardo gained  incorporation by an approval of AVCO; this occurred during the 1960s.  Currently, the area is a popular tourists spot.  Each year, Ranch Bernardo has a street fair that is similar to a carnival; this fair happens during the summer.  Tourists also visit Ranch Bernardo because of the winery; the area has an operating winery, and it is the oldest in South California.  The winery was established many years ago in 1889; it is a family owned business.

Rancho Bernardo also has famous businesses, such as a Sony factory.  Other companies are found in the area as well; Nokia and Teradata are just some of the many businesses in Rancho Bernardo.  Because there are so many businesses, they are tons of workers.  There are 685 acres of land in business park; most of the businesses are found at this particular location.  Overall, there are around 50,000 workers that are employed at the various companies.


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