Point Loma Information and Highlights

Point Loma has beaches, but locals cannot swim because the water is dangerous.  Although swimming is not an option, the area is still one of the best places to visit in the state.  Many locals visit Point Loma to relax as the waves roll to the beach.  The area also has various marine animals; they are found near the rocky reefs in tide pools.  Adventurous locals hike to the tide pool.  Point Loma is one of the best surf spots; locals visit regularly when they want to catch a wave.

Sunset Cliffs Boulevard has an interesting location to the south called Osprey Point.  This area is accessible from Point Loma.  This location has many rocks, and they are ideal spots for fishing.  Besides fishing, locals also visit Osprey Point for rock climbing. 

South of Luscomb is another surf spot; it is located on a small bay.  Garbage reef is also a good surf spot.  When many locals want to surf, however, they walk or drive to Sunset Cliffs Park.  The surf spot at this location are better.  Surfers that have boats generally travel to Dolphin Tanks.  Dolphin Tanks is a popular spot during the winter.  During the summer, Ralph’s is a good spot.

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