Ocean Beach Information and Highlights

Many tourists and locals visit a well known location near the Pacific Ocean called Ocean Beach; the beach is found by Interstate eight to the west.

Ocean Beach is a laid back area for locals and tourists; it is not a big beach.  When locals visit Ocean Beach, they spend the day surfing, or they spend time by the pier.  Many vintage vans are found at this popular beach location.  When locals are hungry, they purchase a taco from the nearby taco shop after they are done surfing.  Besides the taco shop, the location also has a surf shop and shopping malls.  Overall, the area is highly recommended because the locals are friendly, the food is fantastic, and the night activities are great too.

Newport Avenue has a very long pier, and it one of the best places to visit in Ocean Beach.  Southern California has many piers, but this particular pier is one the longest.  While at the pier, locals relax as the water moves, and waves travel to the shore.  Along the pair, there is a coffee shop and a tackle shop.  Fishing is also popular in the area; Ocean Beach Pier is one of the only locations where locals can fish without a fishing license.  While fishing, locals have to follow catch limits and size limits.

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