Lemon Grove Information and Highlights

Lemon Grove, California is part of San Diego's metropolitan area and has a land area of almost four square miles.  The first permanent resident of the area was a sheep rancher and the area became known for sheep and poultry ranching as well as vegetable farming up until the early nineteen hundreds.  At that point, multiple citrus groves were planted and gave the city its name.  Lemon and orange production and shipping became the area's primary industry.  By World War II, almost all of the groves were gone and the city became much more suburbanized. 

In 1966, two teenage boys from Lemon Grove went searching for mummies in the caves of nearby Mexico.  They did indeed find two mummies that they smuggled back across the border into Lemon Grove and stored in a friend's garage for fourteen years.  Today the mummies can be viewed in the San Diego Museum of Man. 

The area is known for its mild climate with warm summers that are tempered by ocean breezes and cool winters with occasional rain.  Because of the pleasant atmosphere the city adopted the motto "The Best Climate on Earth."  There are five high schools in the city, but no high schools available to residents. 

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