Kensington Information and Highlights

Living in the heart of San Diego puts you closer to amenities and is one of the advantages that a neighborhood like Kensington can provide you with.  In fact, when doctors did a study on the lifestyles of those living in Kensington and adjacent Normal Heights and compared it with the lifestyles of people living in the Claremont neighborhood, they found that people who lived in Kensington and Normal Heights were in much better shape physically and had fewer health problems.

 The healthiness of neighborhood residents is attributed to their embracing shopping locally and traveling to stores and restaurants on foot on a regular basis instead of driving there.

 While many neighborhoods would like this type of arrangement for residents, Kensington actually offers both history, kitsch, gourmet dining, and a lot of opportunity for you to stretch your legs out if you decide to buy a home here.

 History in Kensington is largely tied to the famous World Exposition that San Diego held in 1915.  During the run-up to the exhibition as the city got ready to celebrate, the neighborhood was plotted out and built, with many homes being designed by Richard Requa, one of the most known names in San Diego architectural history.

 The average income for those who live in Kensington is around $72,000.

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