Imperial Information and Highlights

Imperial, California is a small community off Interstate #10 that wends its way into Arizona and all points east and south. No commute problems to be concerned about living in Imperial. A recent report shows the city of Imperial to have a population pushing 15,000; but in reality, it is part of the metro area of El Centro.

Imperial is a great tourist attraction thanks to the nearby recreation facilities that transform the desert into one of most crowded "dune-buggy" areas in the entire state. Campers and "buggy" enthusiasts abound year around due to the arid desert weather.

Imperial Valley area is also well known to bird lovers who show up every year to view a varied abundance of species such as quail, dove, ducks and geese. Imperial is also well known as one of the hottest spots in the USA. Summer heat can reach 110 and higher on a regular basis. Imperial is one of the better and less congested entrances into Mexico and the city of Mexicali. The border is just a hop, skip and jump past El Centro, Calexico and bingo; you're in Mexico. Many Hispanic families work in Imperial with an easy commute either way.


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