Gaslamp Information and Highlights

The Gaslamp quarter of San Diego is widely known as the city's cultural and historical heart.  Each trend, economic era and cultural shift that greater San Diego has experienced since it founding, the Gaslamp neighborhood has adapted to take advantage of.  For this reason, all types of people, businesses, living styles and economic opportunities provide the vibrant spirit the district is famous for.  Hundreds of events take place in this part of the city each year.

 The Gaslamp district boasts almost one hundred buildings listed as "historic" and reflect the Victorian Age in America.  Most residential living is in graduated units from low end housing, to extremely posh and luxurious flats.  Anyone living in the Gaslamp district must appreciate a festive atmosphere and the convergence of myriad personalities.

 This neighborhood has the highest concentration of public arenas in all of San Diego.  From sports stadiums and massive performing arts venues, to popular parks and world class hotels, Gaslamp represents the culture and make-up of the people of San Diego like no other section of the city.  Along with popular attractions, Gaslamp can be classified as "absolutely beautiful." 

 This quarter has a fusion of Victorian and Spanish architecture dotting a bluer-than-blue seascape and marina.  Palm trees, glassy-paved roads and festivities on every corner make this neighborhood attractive to metropolitan young people and the business class.  Surrounding this district are expressways and the nerve center of San Diego's public transit system.  Anyone living in Gaslamp must be prepared to enjoy and take full-hold of the most exciting atmosphere San Diego has to offer!


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