Escondido Information and Highlights

Escondido can be a great place to call home for anyone looking to purchase property. Nestled within San Diego County, Escondido has a number of attractions and nice neighborhoods that new home owners will love.  This San Diego suburb has around 150,000 individuals and contains several parks, malls, museums and schools.  If you want a taste of the big city, San Diego is only about an hour away.

The local unemployment rate is about 7.2%, making it one of the lowest rates in the state of California. Many residents find jobs within the immediate city of Escondido, while others travel to larger cities such as San Diego and Riverside. There are quite a few jobs in the science and manufacturing sectors; however various other jobs are beginning to surface within the local area.

The temperature in Escondido is usually between 72 degrees and 75 degrees, making it fairly comfortable to live in year around. And, of course, if you want to cool off even more, you can travel to the wonderful Pacific Ocean, which is quite close to the city.  When looking for houses, make sure to stop by the city of Escondido. The city is quite lovely, the schools are fantastic and the residents are very friendly.

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