El Cajon Information and Highlights

El Cajon has a deep Spanish and Catholic history that is strongly seen in landmarks located throughout this cultural area in California that is one of the most coveted in the state. It is known for its expansive culture and beautiful surroundings.

It features numerous entertainment attractions from playhouses to theaters. It also is home to various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.

The crime rate in El Cajon is also relatively low when compared to other surrounding cities in the state.

El Cajon has a population of over 100,000 individuals. The schools located in El Cajon are some of the top rated in the state. They feature both public and private elementary, middle, and high schools. Four well respected colleges are also located in the area.

There are many work opportunities in the area including major companies such as Taylor Guitars, Solid Gold, and Catholic Answers to name a few.

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