East Village Information and Highlights

There are many large urban neighborhoods in San Diego; one particular neighborhood is called East Village.  The neighborhood is found near Gaslamp Camp to the east.  Cortez hill and Core district are located near East Village in the southwest.  East Village has many blocks and  many businesses; there are over 700 businesses found in the neighborhood that consist of hotels, art galleries, and restaurants.

 East Village also has some famous locations, such as the San Diego Baseball field.  More great locations are the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge and the Central Library.

 East Village was not a neighborhood many years ago; the location had vacant lots and various warehouses.  East Village was a community for social services and artists.  The area become a neighborhood after PETCO park was built in 2004.

 The community of East Village has a vast population, and the volume is increasing.  Many locals of the neighborhood stay in lofts and expensive condominiums.  East Village is gaining new businesses, and this brings more people to the neighborhood from nearby areas.

 Later in the 20th century, East Village contained many buildings that were vacant, locations for artists, and dive-bars.  East Village is now a great place for condominium construction.

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