Del Cerro Information and Highlights

Del Cerro is wonderful neighborhood within the city of San Diego. This area, which contains about 3,000 residents, has some of the best schools within San Diego. This means that any family can feel comfortable sending their children to the local public schools as well as the many private schools.  In addition, Del Cerro is also home to San Diego State University, a world-renowned school that is part of the California State University system.

 Located within the northeast part of the city, Del Cerro has many amenities and attractions for families and also single residents. Since it is located with the city of San Diego, residents can also travel to various parts of the city, such as downtown, to find other exciting things to do. Throughout the year, San Diego is home to various festivals, museums and other local attractions. Most residents find jobs within the city of San Diego; however, others do travel into the local suburbs for employment opportunities.

 If you are looking for a suburb feel, but do not want to live too far from a main city, then you may want to consider purchasing property in Del Cerro. This affluent area has very nice neighborhoods and would be a great place to call home. 

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