Core Information and Highlights

When many tourists visit San Diego, are usually visit the San Diego zoo.  Although the zoo is fantastic, the city has many more great options and places worth considering.  Several districts are found in Downtown San Diego, and each district is very close to one other.  Generally, each district is within walking distance.  The districts are The Marina District, Little Italy, East Village, the Horton Plaza/Gaslamp District, Cortez Hill, and the Core District.

 The Core District is located near Little Italy to the south and southeast.  The city hall is found in the Core District; judicial and financial areas are located in the district as well.  Tourists visit the Core District for entertainment.  There are two theatres in the area, and they are called the Sprekles Theatre and the Civic Theatre.  When tourists want to enjoy music, they visit the Symphony Hall or the House of Blues.  After a night of entertainment, tourists visit one of the many restaurants found in the District. 

 Traveling around the district is done by trolley lines; they run from east to west.  Cars and buses are another travel option.  At the west end of the district, there are cruise ships; cruise ships generally dock in the Core District.


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