Clairemont Mesa Information and Highlights

California has many locations, one particular area worth visiting is called Clairemont Mesa; around 80 thousand people are found in the suburban neighborhood.  The area has many different neighborhoods; the neighborhoods are South Clairemount, Clairemont Mesa East, North Clairemount, and Clairemont Mesa West.  Clairemont Mesa borders route 52; the route is located to the north.  Clairemont Mesa also bonders interstate 805 and interstate 5.  Besides interstates, another neighborhood borders Clairemont as wall; the area is called Linda Vista.  Linda Vista is located to the south of Claremont.

The design of Clairemont was different many years ago; the area did not have traditional streets and blocks.  The area also did not have scenic views of the bluffs and canyons over Mission Bay.  Custom floor plans were included in the first homes.  The homes were designed by Burgener and Tavarer Construction Company.

 $ 125,000 was invested by Tavares and Burgener before homes were designed using the new plan.  The investments was made to improve the water, sewers, and the roads. The name Clairemont was used on the original Subdivision map by the county on 10/16/1950.  Clairemont Unit 1, Map 2725 was the name of the map.

 A few years later, other houses are constructed, such as duplexes and family homes.

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