Central San Diego Information and Highlights

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in California.  It has much to offer. It is a city of over 1 million residents. San Diego has ideal weather.  It is sunny most of the time with very few days of rain.

It has a diverse population made up of people from diverse backgrounds and culture.  Unemployment is comparable to the national averages.  Job growth has expanded to include new industries. San Diego is home to several colleges and universities, both public and private.

San Diego was originally founded as part of the California missions by early Spanish priests. It continued to be important in the early days of settlement.  The Old Town section of San .diego gives you a glimpse into the past.  As the city grew other areas such as the Gaslight district became increasingly popular for residents to live and do business in.

San Diego has an excellent transportation system consisting of both light rail and buses.  This transportation system reaches all areas of the city with access to the Mexican border.  San Diego boasts Balboa Park with its many tourist attractions.  Balboa park is home to numerous museums and the world famous San Diego Zoo.  

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