Bird Rock Information and Highlights

Thousands of years ago, the La Jolla area native Americans used to come down to the shore near Bird Rock in the summertime to enjoy the cool breeze coming off the ocean and spend time with their families.

Very little has changed in terms of how residents use the beach in the area, but in the meantime, perhaps one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States has grown up around it.

Bird Rock is a very integral part of the area known as La Jolla.  Bounded by Pacific Beach in the South, the neighborhood runs west to east from the Pacific Ocean partway up the side of Mt. Soledad.  It continues on for a couple of miles South to North, ending just South of La Jolla Village.

As a neighborhood to buy a home in, it is part of an enclave that boasts one of the most relaxed lifestyles available.  Residents of the neighborhoods, which are largely mature homes on streets that end in the shore or a view of the shore, are able to walk to businesses, restaurants, and shops with little effort.

The elementary school in Bird Rock is very well rated and La Jolla High School has won many national awards for its curriculum over the past several decades.

The average income in La Jolla and Bird Rock is around $53,000 per year, while the average home price has approached 2 million dollars in the past, making it one of the best real estate investments on the coast.

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