Bay Park Information and Highlights

Mission Bay is a lagoon, and it is a part of Mission Bay Park; Mission Bay Park is the largest park that has an aquatic theme in the country.  The park has many acres; it has 54 percent water and 46 percent land.

When tourists visit Mission Bay Park, they enjoy various water sports, such as jet skiing and sailing.  The sandy beaches are very colorful, and there are plenty of paths on the beach for casual strolls.  Other activities are common on the beach as well, such roller skating, jogging, and biking.

There is also a yacht club at Mission Bay called the Mission Bay Yacht Club; the club has sail boat races during the year.  The races are championship races.  Another location found at Bay Park is called Fiesta Island; the spot is used for races as well.  The Bayfair Cup also takes place at Mission Bay Park; it is another boat race, and it happens each year too.

Mission Bay Park was a marsh in 1542; the park was designed over the years.  During the 1940s to the 1960s, designers designed the water park.  Overall, Mission Bay Park is a fantastic, summer location for locals and tourists.

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