Alpine Information and Highlights

The Alpine Area of San Diego County in California offers its residents plenty of agreeable sun; a good school system and prime real estate.  The 2010 United State Census of the area provided reporting that Alpine has a populous of approximately fourteen thousand residents.  In other words, as of this Census report, the density of persons per square mile amounted to around five hundred thirty one persons. 

The cultural fabric of the area, with regard to the 2010 Census was inclusive of:  eighty seven percent Caucasians; one and two tenths of a percent African Americans, one and sixth-tenths of a percent Native Americans, two and two tenths of a percent Asians, three tenths of a percent Pacific Islander, four percent other cultures and three and four tenths percent where two or more cultures were combined.  The Hispanic or Latino population comprised fourteen and sixth tenths of a percent of Alpine’s population. 

It must be further noted:  the Census provided reporting that approximately fourteen thousand persons resided in households; one percent of the population were housed in quarters considered non-institutional; and zero per cent resided within institutional settings.

The community derived its curious name Alpine from an individual residing in the area during the late 19th century.  This person found the area similar to that of her original homeland of Switzerland.

The attraction is a Big Cat Rescue venue.  It houses lions, leopards, bobcats, tigers, mountain lions and a brown bear which was captured in California.  In order to visit the area, a visitor is required to make an appointment.  The venue is ideal for a family wishing to get a closer look at undomesticated cats.  The attraction has been rated number one out of seven popular attractions inside the Alpine, California area.

The Viejas Outlet Center is the shopping venue where the visitor can find great shopping values in Alpine.  It was rated the number three attraction in Alpine.  A consumer can truly “clean up” at the mall.  There are places to eat and shop.

The Cleveland National Forest was ranked fourth out of seven attractions in Alpine.  It provides the Alpine visitor and resident with a very nice observatory and hiking.  The person tuned into hiking will appreciate its natural charm and beauty.  The forest, although close to significant metro areas, is a well preserved natural setting.

Silver Strand State Beach receives rave reviews.  It is conveniently located near San Diego and near Alpine.  It provides the resident with natural green-blue hued waters, and is never crowded.  One visitor described it as the best beach in California; another reviewer stated it was like having your own private beach!  A former resident of Hawaii commented it was every bit as beautiful as some of Hawaii’s best beaches.  The sunsets are magnificent and this stretch of sandy environment is a great place to spend quality time with the family.

The Alpine area of California is a great place to work and play.  It is an ideal place for families or anyone who appreciates the amenities of a nice California residential area.  It provides its resident an area low in crime, great weather, and a good solid school system.  Beaches in the area are not crowded, yet enchanting; and wildlife sanctuaries are well-preserved.  Shopping is plentiful and there is a great deal to do with major metropolitan areas in close proximity.  Alpine offers something unique and special for everybody. 

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